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beautiful weddings and elopements around the world

 Photography in this part of this world is more like an art and is seriously sought after. A single picture captures several moments. Moments filled with intense emotions; Emotions which words cannot actually or completely explain. Just by staring at a picture, it could take you way down memory lane and a whole event could replay in your mind just the way it happened. The memories are even richer when the event is a wedding. Wedding photography, much like photography is an art on its own that cuts across traditions and cultures, preserving these ‘once in a lifetime’ moments. Emily is a wedding photographer who captures weddings all over the US including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida Las Vegas, California and many other states. She loves capturing destination weddings and travels many times a year to Mexico specifically Cancun and Jamaica. Weddings are her favorite.  We love traveling and always have our passports ready! We are a family business. We are a family business. My team includes Me, my hubby Shar, our family Lina, Nate Joe, Juan, Andria, Leslie and Ashley!

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