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DIY Wedding Invitations

If you are considering the benefits of destination wedding photography and the effects it will have on the precious album you’ll be using to preserve your special memories you may also want to consider ho everyone will be getting there. Obviously they are adults and can bring themselves, but first they have to know where and when your wedding is so they can plan to be there. Naturally then, your wedding invitations are even more important in a destination wedding,already a delicate and difficult event to put together. 405 Brides photography can deal with all the pictures once everyone is there but you may have to figure out what you want to do about invitations.


You can always order a big stack of them from any bridal supply vendor or card peddler, or for a more personal touch you can design one yourself. This may have occurred to you already so you may have a good idea what you want the design to you look like. First you’ll need to know what supplies you need. You’ll want to determine the type of paper you want to use. Depending on what you’re doing you may want thick sheet of card stock or something glossy for a touch of class. Unless you’re doing a digital design you’ll also want to know what tools you need to bring your art to life.


Colored pencils and water color are great low-cost, low-hassle tools to use if you’re not looking to design anything fancy. If you’re not an artist yourself but would still like something with a special touch to complement your elegant destination wedding photography, you may consider hiring a professional online. Many freelancing websites have every day users waiting to offer their low-cost services, or you can solicit a design from someone who’s been in the business awhile like an Etsy or Wedding Paper Divas.


Finally,you’ll be ready to print and send your ideas off. If you are printing from home you may need to invest in a paper cutter and will need to know the desire dimensions of your card ahead of time. This route can be tricky to figure out so if you’re not tech-savvy with your home printer you can also try other printing sources. Visa print, Avery, Uprinting and others are available on the web to upload your designs and have them delivered to your house. If you prefer to pick up in person or are running on a tight deadline you can always go local. You can print locally using a local print shop, or upload your design onto and pick it up from any location near you within 24 hours if you order during the indicated store hours.


Once you’ve finished with your invitations you can move on to other things. 405 brides photography will take care of all your destination wedding photography needs with a variety options on the website where you can also find other information and wedding tips on the blog.


Your invitations matter and should have your special touch. Sometimes an invitation worth being done is worth doing it yourself.cancun wedding 405 brides

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