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Four Steps to Putting Together Your Guest List

At 405 Bride Photography we know your guest list is going to be a headache, at least if the word of past wedding planners is anything to go on.  It’s one of those things that you don’t want to do but it’s the first thing you need to do. First and foremost you need to know who’s coming to the wedding and how many people you’ll be dealing with. This will all factor in as you make you choose a venue, arrange your seating, plan catering, and much more. For that reason it’s easier to get over with and we provide these steps for doing so.


  1. Make a Wish List

First start with a list of every single person you want to come and their brother. This could include coworkers, friends, family, acquaintances, teachers, your favorite coffee barista, even that cute stray cat you were petting the other day. This will give you a good idea of the spread of anyone you could possibly include.


  1. Determine the Numbers

How many guests can you realistically invite? Many factors will have to be considered here. You will start by determining the venue and how many people can it hold both legally and physically. You may need to familiarize yourself with local laws and ordinances to determine how many people you can have inside. You’ll also want to consider the monetary costs, especially if you’re mostly paying the wedding bills your self. How many people can you house and feed, and how many can fly out. Finally you’ll also have to determine how many you are willing to and realistically can organize and coordinate in coming to this event.


  1. Prioritize

Now you will have to make some hard decisions, or maybe not really. Who is important and who is not? Maybe the person who made your sandwich at the deli the other day, for example, doesn’t need an invitation. On the other hand mom and dad kind of have to be there, like it or not. You will need to determine based on the numbers who needs to be there and who does not. Prioritizing your guest list should then be done on an “as needed” basis


  1. Cut-Off Rules

Make a list of cut-off rules to slim your list down to the few, the proud, the guest list attendees. Some of these cut-off rules might involve questions like

“Have we talked them in the last three months?”

“Are they only invited out of guilt?”

“Do a cringe about the thought of them being there interacting with the guests?”

“Is this party for adults-only?”

“Do we want extended family, and how extended?”


Your cut off rules will help you cut the fat off your wedding and at last refine your guest list into the precious list of names it was meant to be.cancun wedding, royalton wedding

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