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Destination Wedding Planning 101-Your Bare Checklist

Many people are taking their weddings abroad for the benefits of destination wedding photography, and here 405 Brides Photography we know with the endless potential for unique shots and breathtaking views they certainly are worth it. Still there is a lot those into planning items you should be adding to your checklist, and with an occasion as momentous as this one it’s even more important to keep your records straight, especially with a destination wedding


  1. Guest List

Know how many are coming and know who is coming, and perhaps even more importantly who is sitting where. This has been a source of many headaches for wedding planners, so prepare accordingly.


2.Travel/hospitality arrangements

Where is everyone staying and how is everyone getting there? Will everyone be staying in the same hotel or are they staying seperately and meeting somewhere else? Plane tickets, travel itinerary, you will want to make sure everyone knows where, when, and how they’re getting to your wedding. You’ll need to make these plans before hand or a few folks may be missing from destination wedding photography album, though the shots will still be immaculate with 405 Brides Photography professionals.


  1. The entertainment

Will there be any live music, or will the event require a DJ? Will there be any other sideshows, and have all wedding and reception events been planned? Make sure your entertainment needs are planned long before you arrive at your destination wedding.


  1. Catering

Familiarize yourself with the local cuisine for your destination wedding. Know what your guests will served and how many your caterers will be serving, this will make your guest list even more important. Make sure everyone knows what they want ahead of time as well if there will be multiple dinner choices.


  1. Photography

You’ll want to know who is handling photography and all the details you want from your destination wedding photography album. You can explore some options and even few some samples for inspiration at


  1. Venue

This should go without saying but no destination wedding is a destination wedding without well, a destination. Will you be married in an elegant cathedral, or on a sunny beach in California? The choice is yours, but just remember, Location! Location! Location! It’s everything!


  1. Theme

Will your wedding be traditional, casual, or will there be a special theme? Make sure to settle on an idea so you can prepare all your design details accordinglywedding photographer cancun 405 brides

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