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How To Propose To Your Bridal Party

bridal party proposal

bridal party

Your partner has made your life full of love by proposing you in a unique way; so now it is your time to make your bridesmaids feel special with a unique proposal. With so many additions to wedding arrangements; the early day’s bridesmaid selections have now turned into special proposals.

Earlier, it was easier to ask them by throwing a simple question on coffee catch up or just by calling them on the phone. But today, it is all about creativity; you have to be more careful about your proposal and let them feel more special. If you are making arrangements for your most memorable day of life; it is time to know few ultimate tricks to propose your bridesmaids. Below we have highlighted few of them:

  • Coffee with some twist:

Collect some special coffee cups or customize them with a professional service provider with a message on the bottom saying, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Now invite those special ladies for a tea party and serve them with your custom cup. You will love to see their reactions and the destination wedding photographer will also be eager to capture them.

  • Fortune cookies:

People love to have some glimpse of their future, but it is not always possible to know what will happen ahead. But the great news is that you can predict how will be standing beside you on the special day of your occasion. The best way to propose them for this day is by presenting them some fortune cookies with a beautiful message written on them.

  • Custom tints:

If you are planning to do something unique to make them feel special for the day; the best idea is to create a custom nail polish for them. Prefer to choose colors that match your wedding theme and now make some special labels for the nail polish bottles to propose the ladies for the day. You can plan a gift bag to them with some accessories for a manicure and surprise them at the salon.

  • Get sentimental:

Sit down and write a beautiful heart touching message on a card to make your bridesmaids feel special with your proposal. You can also attach a vintage-inspired bottle with the card or present some beautiful blooms with sweet treats. They will definitely join you on the special day of your life, and the Mexico wedding photographer will capture best shots for you all.

These simple but unique proposal ideas will help you to make your day special as the lovely ladies of your life will be standing beside you. You can also consult professionals at 405 Brides Photography to get best proposal ideas.

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