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Wedding photography, much like photography is an art on its own that cuts across traditions and cultures, preserving these ‘once in a lifetime’ moments. Emily is a wedding photographer who captures weddings all over the US including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida Las Vegas, California and many other states. She loves capturing destination weddings and travels many times a year to Mexico specifically Cancun. Weddings are her favorite. 

Ways to honor lost loved ones

Ways to honor lost loved ones The gnawing void that is created with the loss of our loved ones can never be fulfilled, however much we try; but the least that we can do is remember them through various ways in our everyday lives. Our loved ones are so special to us because of the […]



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Recycling Wedding Items

Recycling Wedding Items For most people, wedding is, without any doubt the biggest event of their lives. They save money for years so that they can make their dream wedding come true. Weddings mean extravaganza; you want everything to be perfect from that pristine white dress to the arrangement of flowers. But in order to […]

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Why You Need An Album?

Why You Need An Album? Many couples do not understand the importance of having an album for their wedding. Well, there is no doubt to say that the wedding is the most beautiful event in anyone’s life. The couples, their close relatives and the friends as well get excited to enjoy every moment at this […]

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