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Wedding myths de-bunked

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oklahoma edmond wedding, gaillardia country club wedding, dance floor, texas wedding, groom mother dance, texas wedding photos, 405 brides

Wedding myths de-bunked

Weddings are one of the most awaited events in a person’s life; the bride and groom along with their families have so many dreams woven around this one single day that finally turns into reality. Needless to say, everybody involved in the arrangement put in their best efforts to make it perfect for everyone attending it; but sometimes it is under this pressure of attaining perfection that everything crumbles and falls: the myths associated with the quintessential wedding ceremony makes it all the more difficult to remain satisfied with the whole scenario. Here we are to bust a few wedding myths for you that will not only ensure that the burden of excellence off your shoulders, but also give it a unique touch.

You do not necessarily have to look like a dream:

Stop being prey to the constant anxiety of looking the best on your wedding day and wearing the most expensive dress; the appearance does not make for a happy marriage, the feelings do. Even if your look has not turned out the way you hoped it, there is no need of feeling low, gracefully pull off whatever you have gathered for the day, at the end of the day happiness is all that will matter.

You don’t need to have a brand wedding with hundreds of people invited:                                                                                                                                

Even though marriages are sometimes considered as an opportunity for social gatherings where everyone come together to offer their blessings to the married couple, there no hard and fast rule to arrange a grand ceremony for the same. If you do not have enough funds to organize a wedding of this size, then do not push yourself or loan money only for the sake of a wedding, you do not want the anxiety lingering on your head on the day of your wedding; or you can donate perform a court marriage and donate the money to an orphanage or old age home to help the ones who are need of it.

You might not be as emotional as other brides:      

When proposed to, or while making a vow to your partner, you might not be moved to tears and there is nothing unnatural in it. Not everybody’s stimulus work in the same way and some are just more emotional than the others who are better at expressing them; but this doesn’t mean you are devoid of any. Laugh your heart out if you are the happiest person on the day of your wedding without any fear of being judged.

Make traditional vows that you don’t believe in:    

Often during a wedding, one makes promises without understanding or believing in them. If you think the marriage ritual requires you to take a step that is against your deep rooted beliefs, drop it and do not fear it to bear an omen with itself. At the end of the day, it is only you and your partner involved in the marriage, your mutual love and respect are enough to make it last a lifetime.

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