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Ways to honor lost loved ones

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Ways to honor lost loved ones

The gnawing void that is created with the loss of our loved ones can never be fulfilled, however much we try; but the least that we can do is remember them through various ways in our everyday lives. Our loved ones are so special to us because of the priceless memories that are attached to them that we have experienced since childhood. Here we are giving you out some ways to honour our lost loved ones on the important days of our lives.

Remember them in silence:                       

When all of you have gathered for the funeral or the last rites of dedicate a few minutes of silence to pay your last respects and pray that their soul rests in peace. This way there will be a flashback of all the times that you spend with them in happiness and sadness. Revisit the old memories with the entire family and accept your loss with a clear mind and realise that life goes on.

Commemorate them on their death anniversaries:

The death dates of our loved ones are important days on our calendars and arranging a small commemoration ceremony for them on the anniversaries will keep them forever etched in our minds. Communicate your personal memories to the rest of your friends and family so that they are alive in our thoughts forever. Look for their belongings that they considered dear to their hearts and had remembrances along with them.  You can also make donations to NGOs in their name so that you can do your best to help the people in need.

If possible, fulfil their hopes that they had from you:

One thing that you can keep in mind while making the important decisions of your life are the hopes that they had surrounding these steps in your life; you can try and continue their legacy. If your parents or grandparents or anybody close is someone who wanted you to pursue a certain career, or do something for the society, try and achieve and dedicate your success to them and acknowledge them every time you achieve a milestone.

Acknowledge their contributions to the society and carry their work forward:

The deceased might have been a generous social worker or have made significant contributions through their professional life; you can publicize those and let everyone know what a boon they were to the mankind. If there is a scope for continuing the good work, do not back out; voluntarily gather people who will further help in carrying it forward in its path of success.

Keep a seat empty on your wedding day:

If you or any of your relative is getting married, to honour the lost person, you can reserve a seat in the ceremony with their name on it and keep it empty so that you remember, even if they are dead, they will remain forever with us in our memories in every significant and trivial event of our lives.

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