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Wedding photography, much like photography is an art on its own that cuts across traditions and cultures, preserving these ‘once in a lifetime’ moments. Emily is a wedding photographer who captures weddings all over the US including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida Las Vegas, California and many other states. She loves capturing destination weddings and travels many times a year to Mexico specifically Cancun. Weddings are her favorite. 

Picking Your Wedding Colors

Making selection for your wedding palette is not that easy; you will not be able to manage everything by just picking two of your favorite colors; rather it is time to adjust the whole décor for your special day. You need to apply more efforts and do a long hour brainstorming session to come up […]

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Should You Hire A Videographer?

There are so many things that happen on a wedding day, but you cannot be present everywhere to have all the fun. The bride-groom stay busier on this day; they are not able to collect wonderful memories of their own wedding. But it doesn’t mean that you can let all those details blur with time. […]

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Tips On Writing Your Own Vows

Writing your own vows can be a daunting task for every couple but if you follow some tips and tricks; the task can become easier. Below we have presented few professional tips from destination wedding photographer to assist you: Get some inspiration: Begin with some traditional collections; read the books related to your religion to […]



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