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southwind hills wedding

You have the engagement ring and you are going to get married soon! Of course, you are going to look stunning and you will get your share of attention even if your bride is breath taking beautiful! Your fiancé would have already started her shopping and you must be thinking if you should also! We know you might be busy in shortlisting the venue, booking Texas wedding photographers and honeymoon planning. We are in 2019 and we at ​ have compiled groom attire trends so that you don’t end up joining the list of grooms who push the boundaries of wedding day and wear sparkly shoes and unexpected suits! Here is what coolest grooms will wear on their wedding days in 2019!

  1. White tuxedo: Your bride will be shining in white and how about you surprise her with the colour of same suit! White is a regal colour and there is no rule that groom can’t be in white! Your love for tux and her choice of white makes a perfect combination. If you are planning a destination beach wedding, then white or neutral is all you need for those perfect pictures with dreamy backdrop!
  2. Shorts suit: A shorts suit with sneakers/ pair of Toms? Its comfy and stylish! Your bride’s flary dress will draw all eyes but your shorts suit will be applauded equally! Who knew fashion meets comfort and that too on your wedding day!
  3. Printed patterns: Willing to add some fun to your attire? How about a printed shirt beneath your solid suit? Or pairing up some printed accessories like a bow or a tie! If it’s too hot and you don’t want to put on a blazer, then you can even try printed pants with solid accessories. Its retro and timeless! She will melt with awe and you will get to wear something which diverts from traditional greys and blues!
  4. Suit with a t-shirt: Nothing is more comfortable than wearing a t-shirt on your wedding day! If you also think the same, then we have an amazing option for you! A black or navy tux with a t-shirt beneath and sneakers is perfect for a cool groom look! It’s all about how you carry!
  5. Mix and match: Slim cuts and contrasting colours add contemporary aesthetic and dynamism to your looks. Select your shade and style which is strong yet individual. You can wear white shirt and trousers and pair it up with a sporty grey or navy coat. It is low on maintenance and but high on style. opt for slim fit from top to bottom for the best look and wedding shots from the best Mexico wedding photographers!

A classic black tux is an all – time favourite, but don’t you think dressing up in a manner which relates to your fashion taste is a better idea? Whatever you choose, make sure it is impeccably tailored, flawlessly fitted and looks good on you! Take her opinion into consideration and decide the creative look for both of you! After all, nothing less than stunning looks from two creatives in love!

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