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The day is arriving, and you must be overwhelmed and nervous at the same time! There are lot of things to take care of! From Houston wedding photographers to caterers to venue to guests lists etc.! The important of them is your wedding dress. Your dress is central to the bridal event and truly speaks of your personal style! So, if you are planning to tie a knot or its your best friend’s wedding and you want to help her with tips in choosing that gown which makes heads turn then we will help you in making the right sartorial choices for upcoming celebrations. We at have curated list of few wedding dress shopping tips that you must read before you start your job!

  1. Decide your range: Wedding calls for expenditure and thus you need to narrow down on the budget that you want to spend for your attire. Your attire includes the gown, veil, shoes, jewellery, cost of alteration, taxes and lingerie too! If you have a budget in mind, then you can save your time by not trying bunch of gowns which are out of your range.
  2. Do it early: As the adage says, ‘the early the better’! Starting it early (at least 6 months before the wedding) gives you time to explore many options. You get enough time to browse through the markets and choose the one available at best price. It is one – time thing and you certainly don’t want to regret later. You also need to have a cushion for alterations.
  3. Do your research: Just because you are enthusiastic about dress shopping and dreamt about it since you were a little girl, doesn’t mean that you are ready for jump into the market! You need to know what you want! Do you wish to have a flared one or just a straight fit? Plain base or self-print? You can browse through Pinterest and Instagram for designs or follow wedding designers and bloggers to know what is in fashion these days! Prepare a folder which have tear outs of fabric samples, pictures of designs and accessories and anything else that you love. This will help you in hitting the right store and choosing your dress of dreams!
  4. Look for options: If you want to buy your dress online then start browsing through options so that you have time to try and buy. If you want to browse through stores, then book your bridal salon appointment today! While booking also convey the specific designs that you have in mind and they will keep the samples ready.
  5. Buy a dress that fits now: Many brides buy a dress of shorter size because they plan to lose weight till the D-Day! You might lose weight until then but get the fitting done as per your existing body type and shape. You can get minor alterations done at last stage if you lose weight, but you should have a dress ready which fit you today!

Keep these tips handy and we assure that wedding dress shopping experience will be very exciting!

norman oklahoma wedding, photographer in oklahoma, wedding dress, 405 brides

norman oklahoma wedding, photographer in oklahoma, wedding dress, 405 brides

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