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Dance Song lists

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first dance song, mexican wedding, grand canadian theatre, purcell oklahoma, 405 brides


No wedding is ever complete without good music. The most common wedding blunder is not planning the music you want to play at your wedding beforehand or hiring a DJ to mix it up well for you! Music is the best way to set the mood for the wedding. Apart from that, it is extremely important to choose just the right songs for the first dance so that it remains forever memorable to both of you.

The First Dance

Choosing songs for the first dance should not be difficult for you. Try to enlist songs that are dear to both of you, songs that have previously helped you and your partner make wonderful memories. The first dance is personal and intimate, it should only be about you and your partner.

If you want to surprise your partner with an entirely new dance song list for the first dance, think everything through. Especially, think carefully about what your partner is into. Is she/he into retro music or contemporary music? Does she/he like pop or jazz or everything in between? You will also have to consider the fact that you two will have to dance to that, therefore, it is best that you choose songs that are easy to dance to. While wearing a big dress, high heels, make up and jewelries, dancing is pretty tricky if someone is not trained. How to capture these wonderful moments of you and your partner dancing to your favorite songs? Call upon the dallas wedding photographers or okc wedding photographers, if you live near those places.


Location is another thing that you need to consider before making a dance song list. If you are getting married in church, the music play list should be a little different than what you would play in a destination wedding. However, it is not a rule that you will have to play mellow, spiritual music if you are getting married in a church, but since you have chosen church as your wedding location, you must want the ceremony to be a little more traditional. Therefore, traditional music will do nothing but compliment it. Playing classics, such as, Ave Maria or I Promise by CeCe Winans or Angel by Casting Crowns should settle the mood before you go into more contemporary songs. But if you are planning a destination wedding, you have a wider range of music at your disposal. From Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga, from Chris Brown to Justin Timberlake, from Ricky Martin to Nicky Minaj, play all of it and groove.

Making the Dance Song List

Now that you have taken everything into consideration, sit down and type out the songs that you would like the DJ or music coordinator to play. For the reception songs or other dance numbers, do the same thing. Make it personal by considering what kind of music your family or friends would be into and try to put variety into the playlist.

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